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07.08. 2014

impulse bass kultur august 2014

impulse bass kultur august 2014

Line-up /

Skratch (Work/ Project Squared)
LEBOWSKI (re.titled/ Nord Label)
WHØ? (PAMPIG/ Abyssal)
GIGO (JopStepDivision)

2krazy (Freak Camp)
El Ninho (Dubmarine)

As the nights in Berlin become extremely hot these days, Impulse returns for another wicked summer night to the mighty ://about blank and its wonderful garden area.

Our main guest of the night, Skratch, was formerly involved in the Freak Camp Crew and is today part of the Berlin based label Project:Squared. His unique sets paved his way even to the world famous Berghain where he played for Scuba`s Substance Parties in 2010 and 2011.

Alongside badman Skratch, we have Gigo (JopStepDivision), Lebowski (re.titled/NordLabel), and WHØ? (Pampig/ Abyssal) lined up for the night.

As a special goodie, we will open up the Garden Floor with Ambient, Garage and Techno sounds rinsed out by 2Krazy (Freak Camp) and El Ninho (Dubmarine).

://about blank
Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245 Berlin

17.04. 2014

cool runnings bar

As the YAAM Location at Stralauer Allee is closing this weekend, its the last time ever to come around for the heavy bass in the tiny shack, in the YAAM Yard, called the Cool Runnings Bar!
Heavy Bass and lots of old and new Garage by Freak Camps 2krazy and hot and cold drinks + tasty afro carribean food.

Hope to cu all for the last time !

ps. from 20:00 on its also The Skatalites Band live on the mainstage!

20.03. 2014

crb maerz

Sun, 21° and good music today from 16:00 starting at the beach, later at the Cool Runnings Bar. So come around for a drink or afro carribean food and som heavy bass and garage.

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FREAK CAMP is a collective of DJs, producers, VJs and promoters who got together in late 2005 to start the first and foremost Dubstep and Dark Grime party in Berlin, Germany. The only focus of our efforts is always the music – we love the sound and are doing our part to form a lasting Dubstep scene in Berlin, one that will establish Berlin as a buzzing epicenter of output and activity for this kind of music. We try to make sure that when you come to a Freak Camp Session, you will feel the proper vibes of Dubstep which can only be delivered by a massive sound system with large amounts of unadulterated bass!!

Former guests at our sessions include:

2nd II None [Heavy Artillery // A.R.M.Y. // Midlands, UK], Aaron Spectre [Death$ucker / Rag & Bone // Berlin, DE], After Dark [Boka / Urban Grafitti, 3.5 // London, UK], Alex Deadmen [R8 Rec. // Sheffield, UK], Arkist [Applepips / Decarhythm // Bristol, UK], Ben Ufo [Hessle Audio // London, UK], Boxcutter [Planet Mu / HotFlush // Belfast, UK], Bunzero [Stainage / // Brussels, BE], Conquest [Deep Medi / Anti Social Ent. // London, UK], D-Man [Urban Graffiti // London, UK], D1 [Tempa // London, UK], DJ C [MashIt! / Shockout / XLR8R // Chicago, USA], DJ Pinch [Tectonic // Bristol, UK], Djunya [SMOG // Oakland, USA], Dutty Dubz [Disfigured Dubz // Offenbach, DE], El Rakkas [Dubsquare / Lo Dubs // Graz, AT], Elemental [Runtime / Hotflush / Destructive // London, UK], F [7even // Paris, FR], Forsaken [Soul Motive / Punchdrunk / Forecast // Bristol, UK], Geiom [Berkane Sol // Nottingham, UK], Headhunter [HENCH / Tempa // Bristol, UK], H.O.D. [Urban Graffiti // London, UK], Ike Release [M>O>S Recordings / Dream Machine // Chicago, USA], IZC [Dubsquare // Vienna, AT], Janoshi [Schattenelektronik // Berlin], Tricky D [Tricky Tunes // Berlin, DE], Kahn [Punch Drunk // Bristol, UK], Kastor [Untitled / Bambu / Bamdub // Antwerp, BE], Kid Kameleon [Riddim Method // San Francisco, USA], Komonazmuk [HENCH / Mode / Tempa // Bristol, UK], L-Wiz [All Out Dubstep / Dub Police // Stockholm, SE], Martyn [3024 / Revolve:r / Tempa // NL], Matt Shadetek [Shadetek // NYC, USA], N-Type [Wheel & Deal / RinseFM // London, UK], Neurosis Orchestra [Sozialistischer Plattenbau // Berlin, DE], Objekt [Kein Objekt // Berlin, DE], Pangaea [Hessle Audio // London, UK], Ramadanman [Hessle Audio // Leeds, UK], Reso [Civil Music / Dub Police / Urban Graffiti / Exceptional // London, UK], Ripley [Death$ucker // San Francisco, USA], Rogue Star [Urban Graffiti // London, UK], Rogue State [R8 Rec. // Sheffield, UK], Saviour [Stainage / Aeclektrick // Brussels, BE], ScanOne [Yellow Machines / Combat // London, UK], Scuba/Paul Rose [HotFlush // Berlin, DE], Sheen�[Berlin, DE],�Atomly [Atomiq // Chicago, USA], Simon Off [Dubsquare / disko 404 // Graz, AT], Slaughter Mob [Halo Beats // London, UK], Spoke [Dubmarine / Femmes with Fatal Breaks / Beatfreaks // Berlin], Stenchman [Heavy Load / Rottun / XS Dubs // Dover, UK], Subeena & Dot [Immigrant // London, UK], T.Williams [PMR / Local Action / Deep Teknologi // London, UK], Tanith [tanith,org // Berlin, DE], Tes La Rok [Noppa / Argon // Helsinki, FIN], The Lexxus [Turntablaze / Bassism // San Francisco, USA], The Subdivision [Paradise Lost / Mode // Milano, IT / Hawaii, USA], Threnody [UK Trends // London, UK], Throwing Snow [Local Action // London, UK], Timeblind [Crucial Systems //Berlin, DE], Vex�d [Planet Mu // Berlin, DE], Wedge [HENCH / SubFM // Bristol, UK], Western Synthetics [Sub Continental Dub // Sidney, AU], Whiteboi [HENCH, Mode // Bristol, UK], Youngsta [Tempa, RinseFM // London, UK] �among others�